How to Get a Job in the Aged Care Sector

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Choosing to pursue a career in aged care can be a great step towards a long-term career. There is always a high demand for trained professionals within the Aged Care sector, and with that comes job stability.

While a career in aged care has excellent job prospects, there is more to a career in this sector than its growth. As an aged care worker, you get to support and empower the elderly, and make a genuine difference in their lives.

Does this sound like the right career path for you? 

Read on for some great information and tips on how to get a job in aged care, what qualifications you need and where you can get said qualifications. 

Aged care careers

The aged care sector has many potential career opportunities and pathways to follow. Careers in aged care will offer a different approach to care and the setting for the care given, depending on what your job role is and what qualifications you have completed. Some of these careers may include: 

  • personal care worker
  • community care worker
  • home care assistant
  • respite care worker

What qualifications do you need to get a job in aged care?

Generally, to become an aged care worker you will need to complete a qualification such as the Certificate 3 in Individual Support (ageing).

Completing an aged care course will prepare you for a job within the aged care sector, as well as help you to get a better understanding of the industry before pursuing your career.

Other ways to prepare for a job in aged care: 

Are aged care courses government funded? 

At HITsa, we offer the Certificate 3 in Individual Support in 3 specialisations: 

All 3 course options are funded by the state government for eligible participants. There are certain eligibility criteria’s you must meet to be eligible for course subsidies. Check your eligibility here.

Ready to kickstart a fulfilling career in aged care? 

Choosing to pursue a career in the aged care industry will come with its challenges. However, working in aged care has excellent job prospects and you can positively impact people’s lives. If you are passionate about helping people, a career in aged care could most definitely be for you.

Furthermore, contact HITsa and take your first step towards becoming a professional in the aged care sector. Call the friendly team on (08) 8375 2800 or enquire online.