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CV vs. Resume: what’s the difference?

Trying to find work and applying for jobs all starts from your resume or CV. Meaning your first point of interest from your potential employer would be both of these things. Or maybe even your cover letter, depending on what is required for your application.  But, if you’re new to the workforce you may not […]

Work in a Gaming Room

Working within hospitality can include bars, kitchens, restaurants and of course, gaming rooms. Most Hotels will have a gaming room consisting of pokies, with some also having TAB, Keno and Lotto. However, not all Hotels will have a gaming room.  Working in a gaming room may mean that you are required to work long, late […]

Cleaning Jobs – the importance of a cleaner

Cleaning jobs… a job that most people don’t think is important. However, most businesses wouldn’t be able to run without having a cleaner. Hygiene and cleanliness are highly important in pretty much every business. And without cleaners, these standards would not be met. Working as a cleaner is often seen as an easy job, something […]

Do you need to complete First Aid training to get a job?

So, you’re currently job hunting and you’ve noticed some job ads require you to have completed First Aid training. Completing a First Aid course can be a great thing to do, however it isn’t essential for all jobs. Some people may choose to undertake First Aid training because they want to be prepared in times […]

Want to learn how to make cocktails?

Cocktails… a ‘fancy’ alcoholic beverage that most people enjoy to drink, but not so much make. Drinking cocktails is easy enough to do, however making them is a different story. It can be a very slow process if you’ve never made a cocktail before. One shot, two shot, ice… what’s next? If you love drinking […]

Hotel Jobs – how to get one

Working in hospitality, hotels specifically, can lead to big things. People often think of hotel jobs as that side job uni students do, or “you just work in a pub?”. However, working within a hotel can come with many benefits. You may start off as just a glassy or even a cleaner, but, take a […]