It can be difficult to get a job when you’re new to the workforce as employers often require you to have prior experience. Luckily, there are ways to get around this! Whether it’s your first time getting a job or you’re wanting to step into a new field of work. There is a range of Job Ready Courses that can help get you there. 

Job Ready Courses provide you with theory and practical training for a specific industry. Essentially teaching you the basic skills you need to get you’re foot in the door and kick start your career.

What does ‘Job Ready’ mean?

Job ready means exactly that. It’s having the skills and capabilities so you can step into a job with little or no experience. 

In addition, the meaning of job ready will differ between employers and industries. Some employers see job readiness as previous experience, while others look for certifications. A great way to have both is to complete a Job Ready Course. Although Job Ready Courses don’t provide you with the real work-life experience, they do provide you with hands-on training and a certificate at the end. Exactly what employers look for! 

Why should I complete a Job Ready Course?

If you want to get your foot in the door, make your resume look good and gain some extra skills and knowledge to help prepare yourself – a Job Ready Course is for you. 

Short courses such as Job Ready Courses are affordable and usually only take 1 – 3 days to complete. Depending on the course you choose that is.  

What type of Job Ready Courses are available?

Job Ready Courses are available for a range of industries, with some being universal across multiple.

Here are some of the Adelaide courses that HITsa offer: 

There is also a range of other Job Ready Courses available for those wanting to enter the workforce or expand their skill set.

Want to kickstart your career?

Furthermore, Job Ready Courses are great for both job seekers and those already in the workforce wanting to expand their skill set. These short courses are affordable, only take 1 -3 days to complete and are a great way to kickstart a career.

If you’re wanting to get Job Ready, check out HITsa’s Adelaide courses online. Or alternatively, call the friendly team on 8375 2800 and enquire today! 

HITsa are partnering with the ACH Group to get you ready for a casual role that makes a difference. 

The cleaning pre-employment program will prepare you for work as a community cleaner where you support older people to continue living independently.

Community cleaners’ complete day-to-day tasks such as general house cleaning, laundry and mopping.

Does this sound like something you could do? Read on for more information about the program.

Why are community cleaners important?

Keeping a clean home can be a difficult task as you get older.

Community cleaners’ complete in-home tasks to support the elderly who still live at home.

A clean home is imperative to their health and safety, therefore as a community cleaner you help them to stay safe and comfortable while living at home.

What is the ACH Group Cleaning Pre-Employment Program?

The ACH Group Cleaning Pre-Employment Program is funded by the State Government through JobTrainer (eligibility criteria applies).

The program includes 3 weeks of pre-employment training which will prepare you to work as a community cleaner.

Upon successful completion, you may gain employment through the ACH workforce.

Essential criteria

Participants need to have their license, a car and be able to work at least 3 days per week.

You will also need to be able to provide the following documentation:

  • National police clearance
  • DHS Disability Check
  • Current First Aid Certificate

Want to become a community cleaner?

The ACH Group Cleaning Pre-Employment Program is a great way to return to the workforce if you have no prior industry experience.

It takes 3 weeks to complete and is government funded through Job Trainer (eligibility criteria applies). Plus, you may gain employment with the ACH Group after successful completion.

Furthermore, enquire online today or call (08) 8375 2800 for more information.

It’s been 3 months since launching our new HITsa training site in Salisbury – so it’s time for an update!

HITsa Salisbury first opened at the end of March offering the Certificate 3 in Individual Support as well as RSA training.

Since first launching, the site has transformed into a state-of-the-art Adelaide training facility featuring new classrooms and on-site skills centres.

Now that the building is complete, we have officially opened and extended our course offering to include Gaming Training and Barista Training.

Courses available in Salisbury

Certificate 3 in Individual Support

The Certificate 3 in Individual Support offered in 3 specialisations is available at HITsa Salisbury.

The course features a mix of theory and practical study, which can be completed on-site.

Our Salisbury site features a fully operational skills centre which allows students to complete their practical components of study and prepare them for work placement.

This course is offered as a rolling intake; therefore students can enrol anytime!

Interested? Visit the course dates page to find an upcoming course in Salisbury.

Responsible Service of Alcohol Training

RSA Training is an affordable 1-day course.

If you are wanting to work in a venue that serves, sells, or supplies alcohol, you will need to complete your RSA training first.

This course is run frequently from our Salisbury site. Visit the course dates page to find an upcoming course.

Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee

A Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee course will provide you with the skills to make great tasting coffee using a commercial espresso machine.

Plus, it’s a great way to get your foot in the door if you are wanting to work in a café.

Visit the course dates page to find an upcoming course in Salisbury.

Basic Gaming Training

If you are wanting to work in a gaming room, you will be required to complete Basic Gaming Training.

Basic Gaming Training is a 3-day course, and once completed you can commence work within a gaming room.

Interested? Find an upcoming course in Salisbury.

Courses in Salisbury

HITsa offers a range of courses in Salisbury that provide skills that may help you land a job or take the next step in your career.

This includes a range of job ready courses, short courses and qualifications.

View more information and find upcoming course dates here.

In addition, you can contact the friendly team on (08) 8375 2800 for more information about courses, enrolment and more.

Are you looking for courses in Adelaide, Salisbury? Look no further than HITsa! We are so excited to announce that our new Adelaide training location in Salisbury will be launching on Monday 29th March. 

We will be delivering a range of courses from industries including health, hospitality, business, and retail from our new building on John Street. 

These courses can help you enter the workforce, set yourself up for a long-career, or advance your skill set. Some course options are even government funded for eligible participants! 

Read on for more information about some of the Adelaide courses that will be available in Salisbury.

Certificate 3 in Individual Support

This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to work within the Aged Care or Disability Sector, depending on the specialisation you choose to study. The Certificate 3 in Individual Support is a great way to kickstart a long-term career in health care. 

Course dates are now available at the new training location. View upcoming course dates online and enrol today!

In addition, check out this recent blog for why an Aged or Disability Care course might be for you.

Certificate 4 in Leadership

A great way to expand your skill set is to complete a Certificate 4 in Leadership. Completing leadership training will open job opportunities within a leadership role, or even help you move up the ladder within your current one. 

This course will soon be available from our new Salisbury location.

Certificate 3 in Business Administration

The Certificate 3 in Business Administration course enables you to pursue a career across a range of industries. This course provides you with the skills to support a business with general tasks including data entry, customer service, basic accounting duties and more. 

The Certificate 3 in Business Administration will also soon be available at our new location. Keep an eye on the Course Dates page for upcoming courses.

Additional Short Courses

There will also be a range of short courses available in Salisbury.

Some of these courses include: 

Courses in Salisbury – ENROL NOW

Launching Monday 29th March 2021. Kickstart your career or advance your skillset with a course from our new training location in Salisbury

Upcoming courses at the new training location are now listed online and ready for students to enrol. 

Current available courses include RSA Training, Barista Training, Basic Gaming, COVID Clean Training and Certificate 3 in Individual Support.

Keep an eye on the Course Dates and HITsa Facebook page for a range of other courses available soon. 

Furthermore, the team at HITsa can’t wait to start this exciting Adelaide training journey, and welcome new and familiar faces to 85A John Street, Salisbury.

Thinking about looking for a business administration job? Working in an admin job can open the door to many opportunities. Especially if you’re new to the work force! You can start from the bottom and slowly (or rapidly) work your way up the corporate ladder. Not to mention, most businesses require people to work admin roles, so you can work across a range of industries.

To help you decide if an administration job is for you, we’ve compiled a list of potential career opportunities, as well as how to get one.

What does a business administration job include?

A business administrator will provide support to a company through a range of tasks and responsibilities. These could include answering phones, clerical and accounts work, stock orders or a variety of other tasks.

In addition, business admin jobs will differ depending on the company and industry you work for. 

What business administration jobs can you do?

If you complete a Certificate 3 in Business Administration with HITsa, you could be a step closer to landing any of the following jobs:

  • Receptionist
  • Admin Assistant 
  • Office Assistant
  • Clerical Worker
  • Data Entry Operator

And more! According to Seek, the projected job growth for business administrators is an increase of 12.1% over the next 5 years. Therefore, a business admin job could be a great long-term career path.

How to get a business administration job?

Completing a Certificate 3 in Business Administration is highly recommended if you want to get a job. Although you don’t need to complete this course to get a job. It’s a great way to prepare you for an admin role, as well as provide you with the skills and knowledge to work across different business departments. 

Furthermore, HITsa offer this course to students wanting to expand their skill set and gain employment, as well as employers looking to employ a trainee. Enquire online or call the HITsa team on 08 8375 2800.

Are you interested in working in aged or disability care? There is always a high demand for carers including home care workers, disability care workers and aged care workers. It shouldn’t be hard to find a job within these sectors if you have the right qualifications. 

Your tasks as a carer will differ depending on what sector you are working in. As a home care worker, you will be required to provide different support to what you would if you were working in an aged care facility. 

In addition, here is some information about home care workers and how to become one. 

What is a home care worker?

Home care workers provide help, support and care to the elderly or disabled in their day to day lives. Generally, this care will be provided to client’s who live within their own home and require additional help with daily tasks.

These tasks could include:

  • bathing and dressing
  • providing companionship
  • household tasks (washing, cleaning)
  • transport to appointments
  • grocery shopping

As a home care worker, you will assist clients with their daily tasks to ensure they can continue to comfortably live within their own home. Rather than having to move into an aged care facility. 

What does it take to be a home care worker?

A good home care worker would have the following qualities: 

  • caring 
  • empathetic 
  • good time management
  • organised
  • good communication skills 
  • physically fit

In addition, you’re there to make your clients life a little easier by completing daily tasks they can no longer do on their own. You need to be caring, empathetic and encouraging. You also need to be organised and on time as clients will have schedules to run by for their medication and appointments. 

How to become a home care worker

To get a job as a home care worker, you will need to undertake some training. HITsa offer a Certificate III in three different specialisations, including; 

Completing any of the above courses would be a great step towards a career as a home care worker. However, the most suitable course would be a Certificate III in Individual Support (Home and Community). This course would provide you with the relevant skills and knowledge to work with the aged and disabled.

Are you interested in becoming a home care worker? 

Furthermore, working in home care can be both tough and rewarding. Your job is to improve the quality of your client’s life and support their well-being, lifestyle and independence. You get to form special bonds with the aged and disabled and provide that companionship they may not receive from anyone else. 

In addition, to get a job in home care we recommend completing a Certificate III in Individual Support (Home and Community). As well as completing a First Aid Course and obtaining a national police clearance. 

Enquire online today or call the HITsa team on 08 8375 2800 to discuss your training options.