Why a Chef Apprenticeship Might be for You

Chef Apprenticeship | Apprentice Chef

Interested in starting a career as a commercial chef? While you might have thought you need to study to be able to get a job, this isn’t exactly the case. Have you considered completing a chef apprenticeship? Apprenticeships are a great way to study and gain real-life work experience at the same time. Not only do you gain valuable knowledge and skills for that sector, but you also often gain a long-term career path upon completion.

Furthermore, here’s some great tips and information on why a chef apprenticeship might be for you!

What is a chef apprenticeship?

As an apprentice chef, you’ll be working and earning in a commercial kitchen alongside other qualified chefs. Over a 4 year period, you will be trained in all aspects of food preparation including pre service, service and post service. You will also be required to complete off-job training with an RTO such as HITsa, which is generally completed in the first 3 years of your apprenticeship.

A chef apprenticeship includes the completion of a Certificate 3 in Commercial Cookery.

What is commercial cookery/cooking?

Any workplace where food is prepared for the consumption of someone else is a form of commercial cookery. Commercial cookery is a large industry which includes a variety of workplaces such as: 

  • Pubs
  • Cafes
  • Hotels
  • Function Venues
  • Care Facilities

To put it simply, commercial cookery is cooking for others in a professional setting.

Benefits of an apprenticeship

There are many benefits of completing a chef apprenticeship. During an apprenticeship you gain hands on industry experience, learn from other qualified chefs, and get a real taste of what it’s like to work in the industry. Plus, you get to earn while you learn!

A chef apprenticeship carves a path to a long-term career as a chef.

Want to become an apprentice chef?

You will need to be working within a kitchen to undertake a chef apprenticeship. Alternatively, you can find a potential employer who is willing to take you on as an apprentice. That employer will then get in touch with an RTO such as HITsa and organise a training contract for your apprenticeship. From there you can start earning and learning while working towards a long-term career as a chef!

Furthermore, you can call the friendly HITsa team on 8375 2800 for more information about how to become an apprentice chef.