Cleaning Jobs – the importance of a cleaner

Cleaning jobs

Cleaning jobs… a job that most people don’t think is important. However, most businesses wouldn’t be able to run without having a cleaner. Hygiene and cleanliness are highly important in pretty much every business. And without cleaners, these standards would not be met.

Working as a cleaner is often seen as an easy job, something you first start off with in the workforce. But this isn’t the case. Cleaning jobs can be very demanding in many aspects. 

Cleaning jobs can range from industries such as; tourism, hospitality, mining, retail and more. Meaning that the pay can also vary significantly, depending on the company you work for.

What is a cleaner?

A cleaner is employed to clean within a; domestic, industrial, health, education or public setting. That could be cleaning an office, home, aged care facility, mining accommodation or hotel. As well as a range of other things. Cleaning jobs can be available on a full-time, part-time or casual basis. And can vary from shift work to irregular hours.

Duties of a cleaner

When working in a cleaning job, you will be required to ensure particular areas are clean. This will be by; vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, polishing, wiping things down and disinfecting. Along with many other tasks, those are just few of many.

Most commonly, cleaners’ shifts will often start once the business has closed for the day. Or alternatively, before it has opened. This is so that the cleaning process does not interrupt business. Therefore, some cleaners may have the responsibility to ensure the building is locked and secure prior to finishing their shift.

Benefits of being a cleaner

Working as a cleaner can come with many benefits, some you would never even think of. Often as a domestic cleaner you can work for yourself/on your own. Which sometimes means that you can determine the hours you work, what time you work and how much you charge.

In addition, if you were to work as a cleaner for a hotel/caravan park, you will often work early mornings and no later than 3pm. This could be great if you have kids, as finishing earlier in the day allows you to do school pickups and cook dinner. 

Also, if you enjoy working alone a cleaning job could be your ideal choice of work. Quite often cleaners will work individually to get jobs done. So, if you enjoy your space, time and work better alone, a cleaning job may just be for you!

What you need to be able to work as a cleaner

As a cleaner, you may be required to work in a variety of environments. These environments may require you to obtain certain certificates or paperwork. Most commonly, prior to getting a cleaning job you will be required to provide a police check. This can be common in most workplaces. Especially if you’re working as a domestic cleaner within a school.

Also, if you’re working as cleaner for yourself you will need an ABN number and your own cleaning products.

How to become a cleaner

Cleaning jobs can be easier to get than other jobs. Sometimes all you need to do is obtain work experience within the field and gain on the job training. Or alternatively, a great way to get a cleaning job and also stand out from other applications would be to complete a Certificate 3 in Cleaning Operations.

What is a Certificate 3 in Cleaning Operations?

This cleaning course covers job ready skills to obtain cleaning jobs as commercial and home care cleaners. Cleaning Operations is completed in two phases; this being, four weeks of full-time training and then working 15hrs/week under a part-time contract for a local cleaning company. 

The course provides students with both hands-on practical skills training and class room based theory training. If you’re wanting to learn the skills needed to become a cleaner, a cleaning course would be ideal. Plus, it also provides you with formalised training and a qualification – which looks great on a resume!

Cleaners are important, so why not get a job as a cleaner!

Furthermore, cleaning jobs are just as important as many other jobs and do come with many benefits. They can be more flexible to work around your everyday life and working in that field can be very diverse. From domestic, industrial to public settings. Quite often there will be a lot of cleaning jobs available in various industries. 

If you’re looking for a cleaning job, keep an eye on our jobs board that gets updated daily. Alternatively, if you want to learn the skills to become a cleaner, enrol in the Certificate 3 in Cleaning Operations today!