Hotel Jobs – how to get one

Hotel Jobs

Working in hospitality, hotels specifically, can lead to big things. People often think of hotel jobs as that side job uni students do, or “you just work in a pub?”. However, working within a hotel can come with many benefits. You may start off as just a glassy or even a cleaner, but, take a few simple steps and you could soon be a duty manager. 

Running a hotel can require numerous staff, from; cleaners, gaming staff, bar staff, restaurant staff and kitchen staff. Hospitality jobs come in many different shapes and forms. You could work in large hotel chains or small family owned businesses. Either way, getting yourself a hospitality job could be as simple as completing an RSA course or even your basic gaming course. 

Furthermore, here are some great tips and information if you’re interested in working within the hospitality industry. 

Types of hotel jobs

Hotel Jobs can range from a variety of things. Depending on what sort of hotel your working in, how big the hotel is and what type of work you’re looking for. These jobs could be casual, part-time or permanent and could also be anything from cooking, serving or cleaning. 

Bar Staff

Bar work can be an easy line of work to get, sometimes. All you may be required to do is have completed your RSA, however some venues may require some experience for example Cocktail making. If you’re wanting to work within a bar and don’t have any previous experience, the first step you should take is to complete an RSA course. It may also be beneficial to complete courses such as Liquor Licensing Laws or a Prepare and Serve Cocktails course. 

These courses are easily accessible and affordable. Completing them would not only help you to get a job. But, it would also be highly beneficial for yourself if you don’t have any prior experience. You will learn the basic skills you need to become a bar tender, as well as help reduce the stress of being new to the industry. 

Gaming Staff

If you’re wanting to work within a gaming room you will be required to complete a basic gaming course. Completing your basic gaming course only takes 3 days and once completed you can commence work within a gaming room.

Additionally, if you’re only wanting to work within the bar or restaurant, completing this course can make you a more favourable potential employee. This will benefit you when applying for hotel jobs as you could work within the bar and restaurant as well as the gaming room. Ensuring you have completed your RSA of course.

Restaurant Staff

Working within a restaurant can again require no previous experience. However, this all depends on the type of business and role you’re applying for. When working within a restaurant you may sometimes be required to serve alcohol. This being said, it’s mandatory that you complete an RSA course prior to working within an alcohol service job. Other courses that could also be beneficial are the Certificate 1,2,3 and 4 in Hospitality or Food & Beverage service. 

Furthermore, these courses are not all mandatory but they will benefit you when applying for hotel jobs. You will gain further knowledge, skills and become more confident in what you’re doing. Especially if you’re new to the industry.

Kitchen Staff

From head chef to kitchen hands, kitchens can require multiple staff and sometimes have many positions available. Whether you’re wanting to pursue a career as a chef, or simply want to work as a kitchen hand. The best way to score yourself a job within a hotel kitchen is to complete some basic training first.

Kitchen hand jobs will often require no previous experience, however completing a Hygiene Practices course would be beneficial. In addition, completing a Certificate 2 in Kitchen Operations can be a great first step to becoming a chef as it provides you with a pathway into an apprenticeship. 


Cleaners are just as important as any other staff within a hotel. Without cleaners, you’d probably have no patrons – because who wants to visit a dirty venue right? It’s easy enough to get a cleaning job without any experience, however a Certificate 3 in Cleaning Operations can provide you with all the skills and knowledge you need. As well as set you up with on going employment.

Benefits of hotel jobs

When working within a hotel you could simply start out as a glassy, then end up being a duty manager, or even a manager. Sometimes all it takes is completing certain courses. Or it could be as simple as committing to your job and showing your employers you’re ready to move up the ladder. Hospitality is a growing industry that comes with new learning opportunities all the time. From new trends, to new products. You’ll always be expanding your knowledge and skill set.

In addition, hotel work can be found anywhere within the world. This means it’s easy for you to travel and gain work once you have the experience. If you work hard enough and want it you can move up the ladder within hospitality very quickly. You could start in a country town pub and end up in an international hotel chain – the opportunities are endless!

Time to land a hotel job

The hospitality industry is very diverse and always has hotel jobs available. Whether you have no experience at all or you have years of experience. Depending on the business chain, type of hotel and what the hotel offers. It’s always a great idea to get some training under your belt. 

Completing hospitality courses helps you to gain new skills and knowledge about the chosen topic. As well as benefits you when applying for jobs. You will also be more confident in interviews or trials as you would already have the basic knowledge and skills for that role.

Furthermore, if you’re currently looking for a job, make sure you check out our jobs board that gets updated daily. Or alternatively, enrol in one of our many hospitality courses