How to become a good leader

Good Leader

Whether you’re running a business, teaching a class, coaching a team or managing a group of people – great leadership skills are always important. Luckily for us leadership skills are easy to access, practice and learn. Acting as a leader could be required at any point during your life. That could be at school, at work, when playing sport or even just at home. However, leadership skills are most important when required within your field of work. Being a great leader is essential to building your work team and business. But what makes for a good leader and how do you become one? In addition, here is some information, tips and tricks to help you out.

What is a leader?

A leader is someone who motivates and leads a group of people towards achieving something. Leaders will often; inspire, motivate, lead, instruct and direct people towards achieving goals. This could be leading a team within a workforce to achieve business goals and KPI’s, or could be as simple as a coach leading a sports team to achieving a win. Furthermore, to achieve these goals a good leader will be able to think of strategy’s to benefit their team.

Certificate 4 in Leadership

A Certificate 4 in Leadership is the ideal way to learn new leadership skills, as well as learn how to become a good leader, different types of leadership styles and how to work with people. This course would suit developing and emerging leaders from a range of industries and runs for a duration of 12 months. Additionally, HITsa Training and Employment offer a Certificate 4 in Leadership, enrol today and learn how to become a great leader!

How do you become a good leader?

Some people may naturally have good leaderships skills, but becoming a good leader could be as simple as learning new ones. Not only should you learn new skills, you should also work to improve your current ones. A Certificate 4 in Leadership can be a great way to land yourself a leadership role and help you become a great leader. In other instances, you could focus on improving some of your following leadership qualities.


A good leader will be able to demonstrate a range of leadership qualities. One of those being communication. Communication is a key factor in becoming a good leader. You will need to be able to communicate with your team clearly and concisely. This will help your team to easily understand your goals, missions and directions. As well as create an easy going work environment which helps to achieve better results.


Being able to inspire your team is also a key factor to being a good leader. Set a good example for your team and always think and act positive. This will reflect on your team and inspire them to do the same. Sometimes your team may feel overcome with their workload, as a leader you should be able to inspire them to keep going by showing appreciation and encouragement. Furthermore, being inspiring will help to overcome any challenges that you and your team face.


Decision making is a key skill in the workplace, especially in the role of a leader. To be a good leader you need to be able to make important decisions at times. When making a decision you will need to think about the outcomes of that choice. As well as consider other alternatives and the positives and negatives of those. Additionally, you should be able to confidently make decisions and also be willing to take the risk of making them.


Creativity is yet another good leadership skill to have. Your team will look up to you for answers or solutions, which will then require creativity to solve. Getting your team involved and brainstorming with them is also a great way to think of new ideas and solutions. As well as help to build a relationship with your team, making them feel wanted and important. Most importantly, a good leader will be able to think outside of the box.


Passionate leaders will often have a strong desire to lead their team and achieve their business goals. Being passionate about leading your team will help to become a successful leader. As well as achieve big results. A great leader will be passionate about all aspects of what they’re doing. This will then reflect greatly on your performance as a leader, and also the performance of your team.

Time Management

Time is a valuable asset, especially when working within a business or leading a team. When working within a business you will most likely have deadlines, which will also affect your team. As a leader you will need to be able to manage your time and your teams time so that you are able to achieve your goals. Furthermore, effectively planning your week/days out can be a great help. Also encourage your team to do the same.

Take the next step in becoming a good leader

Furthermore, to be a good leader you will need to learn a range of leadership qualities, or if you already have these qualities it is best that you work on improving them.

Leadership skills can range from passion and confidence, to communication and decision making. Which are all equally as important as one another. When acting as a leader, everything you do will reflect on your team. Therefore, taking a positive approach and demonstrating the skills mentioned before will help you in becoming a good leader, as well as achieving great results.

Lastly, a great way to expand your skill set is to complete a Certificate 4 in Leadership. Completing a leadership course will look great on your resume as well as open job opportunities within a leadership role, or even help you move up the ladder within your current one. If you’re interested in advancing your leadership skills try this leadership course from HITsa Training and Employment.