How to Get a Job in Hospitality

How to get a job in Hospitality | hospitality jobs

Wondering how to get a job in hospitality? Summer will be here before we know it which means venues will soon be looking to hire Summer casuals. We know… it’s still Winter (sad face) but it’s best to prepare early so that you’re ready to apply for jobs as soon as they become available.

Hospitality jobs can be easy to get if you take the right steps in doing so. If you’re new to the industry or just want to gain some relevant qualifications and expand your skill set, read on for some great tips to help you out!

Types of hospitality jobs

If you’re wondering how to get a job in hospitality, you’re on track to a great career journey! The industry offers a range of different job roles with many opportunities for career growth. 

Here are just some of few hospitality jobs: 

  • Bar staff
  • Kitchen staff 
  • Cleaners 
  • Gaming staff
  • Waiters 
  • Managers 
  • Receptionists

Bar Staff

Bar work is a popular hospitality job for Uni students and people who have busy day time schedules. Due to bars being busier at night and on weekends, bar staff have more spare time during the week for study or to care for kids, for example. 

In addition, getting a job working behind a bar can be as easy as completing your RSA and having a sharp resume

Gaming Staff

Gaming staff are as sought after as bar staff, especially during the peak Summer periods. Working in a gaming room will often mean late nights, which is also more suitable for some lifestyles. In addition, you get the chance to form some great friendships with regular customers. For some patrons, seeing gaming staff is the highlight of their day! 

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? But how do you get a hospitality job in a gaming room? If you haven’t already, we recommend completing your RSA, Basic Gaming and Advanced Gaming training. Your resume will definitely stand out to potential employees if you have those 3 qualifications. 

Kitchen Staff

Working in a kitchen is also another great hospitality job. Especially if you’re wanting to start from the bottom and really progress your career as a chef. In addition, venues require extra kitchen staff in peak periods as their kitchens also get much busier during these times. 

If you’re passionate about cooking and want a career working within a kitchen, a Certificate 3 in Commercial Cookery would be a great step to take in getting you there. 

Looking for a hospitality job?

The peak hospitality season is just around the corner and venues will soon be looking to hire! Venues will be on the hunt for bar staff, kitchen staff, gaming staff and more. Prepare yourself for these upcoming job opportunities by undertaking some hospitality training. And remember to have a sharp resume ready to go!

Whether you’re just looking for a Summer casual job or a long-term hospitality career. HITsa have a range of hospitality courses that can help you get there. Call the friendly team on 8375 2800 or enquire online.