The Importance of Infection Control Training

The Importance of Infection Control Training | COVID Clean Training

Good hygiene has always been important, however over these past months it has become more apparent than ever. Knowing how to prevent the spread of germs and infection is a vital skill to have. In particular, infection prevention skills are crucial for those working in customer-facing roles. Which include; hospitality, aged care and disability, tourism, transport and logistics and retail.

It may seem as simple as washing your hands with soap and covering your mouth when you cough, however it is more complicated than that. When working in a customer-facing role, it is essential that you know the appropriate skills for infection prevention and control.

So how do you gain the skills to confidently prevent the spread of germs and infections? 

Complete Infection Prevention Training

The best way to gain the appropriate skills to prevent infection is to complete ‘COVID Clean’ Training. This training provides participants with the knowledge and skills to implement infection prevention and control procedures in their workplace. Which is essential for all front-line workers, specifically those who work in hospitality, retail, and aged care. 

As a business, having your staff complete this training will provide your consumers and customers with peace of mind knowing that they are in a COVID safe environment. With health and safety being your businesses top priority.

In addition, completing this training as a front-line worker will help you contribute to providing a safe workplace for yourself and others. 

What will you learn from Infection Control Training?

‘COVID Clean’ Training will provide you with infection prevention skills relevant to the industry that you work in. 

Some of the topics covered in this nationally accredited infection control training are: 

  • Hand hygiene practices
  • Effective surface cleaning 
  • Use of personal protective equipment 
  • Knowledge of the basis of infection and transmission

Who can deliver Infection Control Training?

HITsa offer ‘COVID Clean’ Training to relevant industry’s with customer facing roles. This training is provided for a small co-contribution of $15 per enrolment. 

‘COVID Clean’ Training is available through HITsa for people who work in the following sectors:

  • Aged Care and Disability
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Food Handling
  • Transport and logistics

Furthermore, view the course online for more information and to register your interest.