Interview tips to help you land your dream job

interview tips

Congratulations! Your resume has caught your employers eye and they now want to meet you in person. You’re now one step closer to your dream job!

So what now? It’s time to prepare yourself and make sure you’re ready to ace this interview. Job interviews can be nerve racking and you might think you know exactly how to ace one, or you may have plenty of interview experience. However, there’s always new tricks and tips to learn. Plus, if you really want this job you’re going to work for it right? Furthermore, here are some great job interview tips to help you out. 

What is a job interview?

A job interview is the next step after applying for a job (if you’re successful). Generally the employer and another employee will ask you a range of questions during your interview. These questions will often be about; your career, goals, personality and life. This may sound easy, however some questions may put you on the spot and it’s always best if you have an answer for everything. Try to avoid saying “I don’t know”, and always be confident in your answers.

What should you wear?

Planning your outfit for a job interview is a key factor. Before you get the chance to talk to your employer, the first thing they will notice is your personal presentation. Dressing nicely and putting effort into your presentation will show that you take pride in yourself. Depending on what job you’re going for, it’s best to dress how you would if you were working for that company. But, never dress too casual. It’s as simple as dressing smart and presenting yourself well.

Ask questions

Before your interview, a great tip is to do some research on the company. This will show that you are genuinely interested in the company. As well as allow for you to ask more informed interview questions. Furthermore, at the end of an interview the employer will often ask if you have any questions so it’s best to have something prepared. Rather than to shrug your shoulders and seem uninterested. 

Show positive body language

Another key interview tip is to show positive body language. Make sure you don’t; slouch, fidget, avoid eye contact or seem awkward. Most importantly, don’t sit there with your arms crossed. Sit up straight and try your best to look comfortable and confident. This will reflect greatly on to your employer.

Show that your willing to learn

It’s great if you have a range of skills that you’re able to bring to an organisation. However, if there’s something that your employer is looking for and you don’t hold that skill, show a willingness to learn. It always looks good if you show that your excited and willing to learn new skills. Especially if you’re applying for an entry level job or even your first job.

Be punctual

One of the worst things you could do is arrive late to your job interview. Arriving late would imply that you would do the same when arriving to work if you were to score the job. A great interview tip is to make sure you know where you are going for your interview. Checking the location on google maps or even test driving the route could be beneficial. Furthermore, arriving anywhere between 15-5 minutes early would be perfect. 

Practice, practice practice

It might sound silly, but practicing your interview with a friend or even yourself can be a great way to prepare. You can practice your interview questions and answers that you think you may be asked. Which will help to make you feel more relaxed and confident about your job interview. 

Time to ace your interview and land that job

Furthermore, the 6 interview tips provided will help you to ace your next job interview. Simply make sure you keep these tips in mind and practice, practice, practice. To be successful in your next job interview it can be as simple as; asking questions, being confident, positive body language and showing a willingness to learn. 

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