Talking HITsa


Talking HITsa

Get Ready for Cleaning Skill Set SSDIS01006

Student Testimonal by Jayden S

“HITsa was a surprising and refreshing take on what most have come to understand and expect from training and employment services. As someone who has personally specialised in multiple training courses, I had come to realise that a lot of companies that offer such services had been somewhat lacking in multiple areas, whether that would be confusing sections within our supplied learning booklets, unenthusiastic lecturers or lacking facilities.

However, when I arrived at HITsa and was immediately greeted by the wonderful desk staff, and promptly received a tour of the establishment, along with having a pleasant talk with a number of the lecturers and coordinaters, I could immediately tell that those at HITsa were passionate about the work they were conducting, and were just as excited as I was to be part of growing my skill set.

To start off, the establishment and the facilities themselves are compact but perfect for anything a student would need. Students are provided with a shared kitchen, as well as a fridge, microwave, boiling water, tea, coffee, milo and a jar of biscuits. They also provide milk and skim milk for students to freely use.

The curriculum itself was thoroughly enjoyable, with a majority of the work being direct and hands on, giving me the opportunity to place what I had learned in the classroom into real life situations. The booklets were easy to understand and coherent, and made no waste of effort in focusing on what we would be dealing with on a daily basis inside the working environment, allowing me to feel confident to step out into the work force.

The greatest asset that HITsa has is their staff. Every single member of the HITsa team were enthusiastic and enjoyable to learn from, and most importantly, were clearly interested and knowledgeable in the fields that they were teaching to students. There was never a moment where I had a question to ask, that a lecturer wasn’t able to answer confidently.

I’m extremely thankful to HITsa for everything they have done for me through my time with them, and I’ll certainly have them in mind whenever I’m interested in taking on another course that they provide.”

If you thought the fundamentals of cleaning were basic, think again. Come and try our cleaning skill set training for full industry knowledge standards in under 2 short weeks!

Upcoming dates

Clarence Gardens 01.02.2023-10.02.2023

Salisbury 15.02.2023-24.02.2023