Did someone say coffee!


Coffee Culture

HITsa’s Executive Officer Olly recently spent some time overseas exploring Vietnam. Her travels confirmed that coffee culture is worldwide.

Olly shares her recent experience:

“Given the heat in Vietnam through the year they have taken coffee to a new level with the variety on offer – many of them Olly tasted throughout her journey.

Hanoi is where Olly first tasted egg coffee at the famous Note Coffee. It is by the lake and it is a must see – every person who visits writes a note and sticks it on a wall in one of the rooms.

The photos do not do it justice but will give you an idea….

Coffee with Milk
run of the mill, cold or hot
Yoghurt Coffee
made with yoghurt instead of milk
Egg Coffee
AMAZING – served hot
Coconut Coffee
made with coconut blossom nectar
Vietnamese Coffee
delicious and made with evaporated milk
Coffee Cup reads "The Note Coffee post it love"
Coffee Maker in Vietnam pictured

Whilst in Hoi An Olly met a young man called Anh (pictured here) who has set up his shop outside his family’s gallery. Anh dreams of owning a commercial espresso machine in the future. He was amazed when Ollu showed him pictures of our commercial espresso training rooms – in his words “look at my goose bumps”.

If you ever visit Hoi An make sure you visit Anh in the old town – his shop is called ‘Sunday Morning Coffee’…..”

If this has spurred your interest in coffee courses, HITsa run espresso coffee training in Mount Barker, Salisbury and Clarence Gardens – head to our website for course details and dates – www.hitsa.com.au