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At HITsa, we believe that every individual should be able to access quality training and development opportunities.

We have committed HITsa Charitable Fund to be our vehicle that drives this endeavour thanks to the support of our Directors Adrian and Leon.

Recently Julie and Olivia popped into the Women’s Community Centre SA, Stepney to meet Kala.

We were humbled by this small South Australian charity and its purpose to be “a Centre that nurtures resilience in women from every walk of life and enhances their strength to reach their full potential in their community”. The centre genuinely offers a welcoming space and a true sense of community and belonging.

Without any Government funding, the Centre offers a creative activities program that includes dance, craft, cooking, art, exercise. On site, Kala runs an op shop, offers affordable meals, and bags up fresh fruit and vegetables to give to those in need. Thoughtfully, these care-bags are accessible from the porch outside the Centre, allowing those who may not be ready for closer interaction to discreetly access fresh, healthy food. The Centre has more than 250 weekly users and 60 volunteers who assist.

The art and crafts on display in the Centre were stunning and we thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Lyn, a visitor to the Centre who was working on a weaving craft project.

Please visit Women’s Community Centre SA Facebook page – you will be as inspired as we are.