2023 Donations – HITsa Charitable Fund

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2023 Donations

At HITsa, we believe that every individual should be able to access quality training and development opportunities.

We have committed HITsa Charitable Fund, the rebranded Booze Brothers Staff Charitable Fund, to be our vehicle that drives this endeavour.

This month we were delighted to connect with four amazing South Australian charities who we have selected to be the recipients of 2023 HITsa Charitable Fund donations.

Seeds of Affinity – Pathways for Women

A not-for profit volunteer run community group established by and for women with lived prison experience.

It was founded in 2006 by Linda Fisk and her ex-parole officer Anna Kemp to address the gaps in the services provided to women in prison and particularly upon release. 
The women meet each Tuesday and Friday where they prepare a shared lunch and work on saleable products.  The social enterprise funds the group’s work, creating screen printed tea towels, tote bags, soap and other toiletries.
The Group also supports the women in prison through advocacy work. In the hope that building relationships will empower women to reach out to Seeds of Affinity upon release to ease the feelings of loneliness and isolation we all experience when trying to change our lives.
Seeds also conducts a lot of lobbying and meetings with the Government to improve conditions for women in prison.


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Circle of Friends Australia Inc. Logo

Circle of Friends Australia [Jobs Café Initiative] – Local community groups who support asylum seekers and refugees living in the community, or visit those in detention.  Circle of Friends welcome and assist asylum seekers and refugees with the difficult process of establishing themselves in Australia, or with the challenges of detention and the asylum application process.

“The “Jobs Café” initiative facilitates individuals in their search for employment.  There is no physical café.  The initiative involves the meeting and mentoring of individuals and evolved as a response to the significant number of people who are demoralised by constant rejection in their efforts to secure work….and the recognition that in our community the establishment and maintenance of a person’s dignity is tied to being employed.


Gold Foundation – Providing support for young people on the Autism Spectrum and their families and now approaching its 15th year of operations.
Gold Foundation operates Australia’s-first ‘Shine Like Gold!’ Mobile Café social innovation project to provide supported employment to young autistic superheroes.
Through its supported employment environment, the ‘Shine Like Gold!’ Mobile Café is helping young autistic people achieve greatly improved social and communication skills, improved psychological wellbeing, social and community inclusion, improved family life, and greater opportunities for the future.


Gold Foundation Logo

Kickstart for Kids Logo

Kickstart for Kids is a South Australian Children’s Charity founded on the belief that every child, regardless of their social or economic background, should have an equal chance to succeed. Kickstart for Kids facilitates this belief by running school breakfast and lunch programs, mentoring programs and providing basic clothing and healthcare support in South Australian schools.

Future Pathways is a mentoring program created to continue empowering and supporting disadvantaged children.  Students participate in a variety of learning-based activities paired with specific education/social skills outcomes.  Each activity connects different qualities and attributes to real-life scenarios, and strengthens participants’ teamwork and problem-solving skills, pushing them out of their comfort zones and developing resilience, perseverance, and knowledge in different settings.