Hospitality/Jobs Statewide Pre-employment April 2023


Hospitality Course for Jobseekers

In April HITsa partnered with Jobs Statewide to deliver a beginners’ course in hospitality and subsequently matching participants to employment opportunities with Maxima Employment.

The students had this to say about their training at HITsa:

“I really enjoyed the hospitality program, with units such as RSA and Participate in safe work practices. It was easy a lovely team to work with and fun! I highly recommend it for anyone looking to into front of house work and potentially gaining employment from it”. Joshua W

“I found this course to be the perfect jump starter into the workforce as someone who has previously limited workplace knowledge and skill. Easy to understand and incredibly informative with friendly, helpful trainers to guide you the whole way.” Zia H

“During my time training with HITsa I was given the privilege of learning from great instructors with many years in the associated industry, the instructors and staff were all very welcoming, professional and comfortable to be around. During the training the instructors were incredibly helpful and friendly if we needed a hand with any of the course work they were extremely friendly with correcting mistakes. The training was informative and to the point giving us everything we needed to succeed in the hospitality industry, teaching us proper customer service, personal and workplace responsibility and safety within the workplace”. Willow G

At the completion of training, three participants had an employment outcome with Maxima. Congratulations!

Group of students pictured in Hospitality Training Room
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