Hospitality Student Shines Bright

Hospitality Student Shines Bright

Hospitality is a busy industry and with Covid it has seen some hard times!

On the look out for new staff, the Mile End Hotel found a gem in Jessica L and placed her on a traineeship with HITsa for Certificate IIIHospitality.

“As her coordinator, at our initial meeting and sign up I knew Jess was a great find for the industry. I have really enjoyed seeing Jess each time she attends training – working towards her successful completion and cementing her place in this industry.”

Terry P

Here are a few words from trainer Linda N;

“During a recent class, Jess was a ‘stand out’ student.  The classes were in small groups which enables the students to plan and perform several role plays. I observed Jess being supportive and
encouraging with her colleagues, as most feel very awkward in these sessions. Jess shows effective leadership skills. Thank you and well done Jess. Good luck for what will be a bright future!”


Jess also shares her testimony about her training with HITsa;

“Hi I’m Jess and I just finished my Certificate III in Hospitality at HITsa.

I was able to finish my 2 year traineeship in 11 months as HITsa really helped me get into any classes I could, even if that meant to travel far which was doable.

It’s a bit scary going into classes with a room full of people you don’t know, doing role plays and everyone looking at you when you have to answer a question but the teachers and the environment of the class makes it much less scary and actually makes the subject fun to learn!

With so many different people and all the different experiences in the class it made me more curious to learn and made it easier to talk in the class.

All of the teachers are super nice and very helpful with anything you need, if your stuck on a question or just need to understand that topic a bit more.

Of course I have to give a shout-out to Lizzy as she is such a great teacher to learn from and just great to have a chat to about life.

Also Terry, the big boss, biggest legend ever! Always helping me with any questions I have about my training or where I’m up to, also just a great person to have a chat too 🙂 I would 100% recommend HITsa for anyone wanting to do this sort of training.”

Jessica L