Indie High School – Introduction to Coffee Skill Set

Trainer making coffee

Intro to Coffee with Indie High School

HITsa recently hosted a one-day event that got students buzzing with excitement – Indie High School’s Introduction to Coffee Skill Set. For a brief but intense period, students got a crash course in all things coffee, from brewing basics to understanding the buzz behind the bean.

The event wasn’t your typical day at school. It was hands-on, with students rolling up their sleeves and diving right into the world of coffee. Under the guidance of our seasoned barista trainer Lizzy pictured making her magic, they learned the ins and outs of making the perfect cup, from grinding beans to frothing milk. See pics below of students at the machines.

By the end of the day, students left with a newfound appreciation for coffee and the skills to back it up. We look to keep building this relationship with Indie High School and continue to offer our service to future students. 

SACE points for School Students

Would your school like to know more about this hands-on course and others to assist students in gaining points towards their SACE? HITsa have experience in providing tailor-made courses to many schools to engage Vocational Education Pathways. Push the button to ask your questions…