Salisbury Employment, Education and Training Expo


Salisbury Business Association Employment, Education & Training Expo

In September, the Salisbury Business Association hosted their Employment, Education and Training Expo. HITsa was invited to host a stall and be part of this exciting community event.

The expo connected employment service providers, training organisations, employers and skill development experts all in the one location.

Held at the Salisbury Community Hub with 23 exhibitors, this placed people in attendance face to face with many opportunities to explore their career prospects. Buzzing with so many people with various backgrounds, we met with year 12 students from Indie school who are investigating the next step after secondary education, people looking for a different career path and those that are just looking at some additional skills that compliment their industry.

It was a successful afternoon connecting and networking and a big thank you to the Salisbury Business Association and Salisbury Community Hub for looking after us.

pictured two staff at the expo table