Classroom or Online Learning?

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Technology allows us to share knowledge and experience without limit. You can reach out for knowledge held anywhere in the world.

Through online learning, you can take a course or learn a new skill without ever setting foot into a traditional classroom.  So now its common place to choose from either classroom or online learning options.  Which one will you choose?

Online Learning

Online learning provides some really great benefits for those who can’t access brick and mortar classrooms.  You can connect with learning centres anywhere in the world.  You can also manage your study time around family, work and other time commitments.  As a result, the flexibility offered by online learning may improve your chances of successful completion.  Finally, with less overheads attached to running a program online your study fees may be lower than if the course was delivered in the classroom. offer several tips you should keep in mind if considering an online learning course –

  1. Look for fully accredited institutions and coursework.  This will allow other schools and businesses to recognise completed coursework.
  2. Ensure that the selected online course can contribute towards any planned further studies so you do not waste time or effort
  3. Check out computer compatibility, software requirements and availability of student support services

Classroom Learning

In contrast, the best method of learning will not always be from an online platform.  By way of example, consider the barista training delivered by HITsa at its Cross Road training centre –

Learning to make coffee requires familiarity with a coffee machine, coffee beans, grinder, cups and milk jug.  The best way for you to become familiar with this equipment is to use it.  By comparison, viewing images of this equipment on a computer screen will not give you the same experience.  Further, the assessment of your coffee making skills will require somebody to view and taste your brew and then provide you with feedback.  There’s just simply no way to do this online.

When learning online, a higher level of motivation and self discipline can be needed to manage time distractions.  Compare this to a traditional classroom where time is dedicated to learning.  Whilst you choose whether you will make best use of this opportunity, you’ve given yourself a pretty good chance to focus just by taking your seat.

You can also access more benefits than just simply learning the subject matter if you go somewhere to study that is neither work nor home. In the classroom you can interact with others, share ideas and knowledge.  Face-to-face contact is more effective in addressing communications barriers.

HITsa Learning

HITsa provides a number of theory based courses on line, being Liquor Licensing Laws and Responsible Service of Alcohol.  Students also have the option of classroom delivery for these.

A trainer will deliver most of the HITsa courses in a classroom (including business, leadership, first aid, security, cleaning, gaming and hospitality).  Students have access to  equipment and industry experienced trainers, making their learning more relevant than an online alternative.

HITsa provides an adult learning environment so students are expected to present with a mature approach to personal presentation, interactions and learning.

Participants in our courses benefit from networking with others from a range of backgrounds and experience.

In conclusion, HITsa aims to have students complete their training with new practical skills plus the interpersonal skills and self confidence needed for success in the modern workforce.