HITsa Training and Employment – Policy and Procedure

Code of Conduct – staff and students

No:                  HITP0050/10

Issued:             06.04.2005

Reviewed:       28.01.2021


The Code of Conduct represents a set of guidelines that all staff and students are expected to follow. It provides a basis for expected behaviours of HITsa staff and business partners as well as any client attending training and/or liaising with HITsa.

Areas affected:

HITsa Training and Employment staff, students and sites.


This code of conduct acts as a model for ethical conduct and everyone is expected to observe the principles outlined in the code. It provides a clear guide to appropriate behaviour.

  1. Commitment

To demonstrate commitment we:

  • ensure our actions do not bring HITsa into disrepute
  • disclose and resolve any conflicts of interest
  • refrain from canvassing for private business during work hours
  • do not disclose confidential information, or use information for our own gain or to disadvantage others
  • refuse inappropriate gifts and benefits from customers and/or suppliers
  • do not abuse, deface or wilfully damage company property
  1. Respect

In dealing with others we:

  • do not use language or behaviour that offends, harasses or unfairly discriminates
  • observe that HITsa is a smoke free organisation
  • do not attend HITsa when affected by alcohol or drugs
  • abide by all safety rules and procedures and comply with all relevant Work Health and Safety legislation to provide a safe workplace
  • maintain privacy and confidentiality as per the Privacy Principles, and support peoples’ rights to personal security and to feel safe
  • comply with the Children’s Protection Act and its objectives which include that all children are safe from harm
  1. Customer Service

When dealing with internal and external customers and students we:

  • are honest, courteous, helpful and happy
  • actively consult with and listen to the customer
  • provide prompt attention, accurate information and meet commitments
  • ensure our appearance is neat, clean and appropriate to the job
  1. Teamwork

We work together towards our goals by:

  • being punctual and only leaving the workplace early after gaining approval
  • reporting and accounting for any absences • following lawful and reasonable instructions
  • providing guidance and feedback to one another • actively learning from one another, and seeking assistance when required
  • sharing relevant information
  • observing safe work practices and report hazards, accidents, injuries and unsafe practices
  • follow procedure and instruction in case of an emergency, evacuation or robbery
  1. Results

To ensure the quality of our work we:

  • observe the spirit and letter of the law and company policies governing our work
  • work to the best of our ability, giving proper attention and care to the job
  • use materials, equipment and resources wisely and prevent their misuse or unnecessary wastage
Policy and Procedure End