The Best Jobs for Uni Students

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So, you’re a Uni Student and need to support yourself financially whilst studying? Juggling work-life and study can sometimes be difficult. But finding a job that lets you juggle the both can be even more difficult – if you make it. 

As a Uni Student, your weekdays are probably filled with study and attending classes. Leaving you with weekends and weeknights to earn some cash. However, if you’re lucky and have a good study schedule, you may have some weekdays to spare.

What are the most suitable jobs for Uni students though? To help you out, we’ve collated some information on the most suitable jobs. As well as some tips on how to get those jobs. Read on to find out!


Most (not all) people these days rely on coffee to get them through their workday. Therefore, baristas are well sought after. Barista jobs are often casual, which is exactly what you need as a Uni student. Although this isn’t always the case. 

If you have previous experience in a cafe or you’re already equipped with coffee making skills. Getting a job as a barista should be an easy task. However, if you don’t already have the skills, it’s not difficult to learn them. HITsa offer a 3 day Barista Course that will provide you with the skills to prepare and serve espresso coffee. Once completed, you should be able to find a barista job in no time!

Furthermore, barista work is a suitable job for Uni students. 

Bar Staff

Working behind a bar can be a great job for Uni students, that’s if you’re able to stay up late and you’re potentially willing to give up your weekends. Bar work is convenient for students as it’s mainly night shifts and weekend work. Leaving your weekdays free to attend Uni.

However, if you value your weekends and aren’t willing to sacrifice them to support yourself financially, bar work may not be for you. Unless you find an employer who’s happy to roster you on weeknights only. 

Furthermore, if you’re wanting to work in a bar you’re going to need to get your RSA. RSA training is a 1-day course that provides you with the legal requirements to work within the sale or supply of alcohol. 

HITsa offer this hospitality training online or in-classroom – enrol online today!

Gaming Staff 

Working in a gaming room is again another great job for Uni students. As gaming rooms are often open 7 days a week and until late, it’s quite easy to make room for shifts in your busy Uni schedule. 

However, to work within a gaming room you will need to get your gaming badges. Don’t stress though, these are easy enough to get! And once you have them, it shouldn’t take long to land yourself a job. 

Start by undertaking a Basic Gaming Course and then complete your Advanced Gaming to take it to the next level.

Wait Staff

If you don’t have time or you’re not interested in working late nights, working as a waitress/waiter could be a better option. Wait staff will often get to finish much earlier than bar or gaming staff as most kitchens are only open until 9/10pm. Therefore, you can still manage to juggle work-life and social events on weekends. With your weekdays dedicated to Uni and study.

Completing a Food & Beverage Service course is a great way to get into the hospitality industry.

Uni Students… it’s time to get a job!

Now that you know the best jobs for Uni students – it’s time to go out and get one! Whether you’re wanting to work as a barista or maybe bar work is more you’re thing. All you need to do (well should) is undertake some job ready courses. Especially if you don’t have prior experience in those fields of work. Job ready courses such as RSA Training, Barista Course, Basic Gaming Training and Food & Beverage Service are great ways to get your foot in the door.

Furthermore, HITsa offer all these courses plus more. Enrol online today and equip yourself with the skills you need for your preferred casual job.