What is a Home Care Worker?

Home Care Worker | Aged Care | Certificate III in Individual Support

Are you interested in working in aged or disability care? There is always a high demand for carers including home care workers, disability care workers and aged care workers. It shouldn’t be hard to find a job within these sectors if you have the right qualifications. 

Your tasks as a carer will differ depending on what sector you are working in. As a home care worker, you will be required to provide different support to what you would if you were working in an aged care facility. 

In addition, here is some information about home care workers and how to become one. 

What is a home care worker?

Home care workers provide help, support and care to the elderly or disabled in their day to day lives. Generally, this care will be provided to client’s who live within their own home and require additional help with daily tasks.

These tasks could include:

  • bathing and dressing
  • providing companionship
  • household tasks (washing, cleaning)
  • transport to appointments
  • grocery shopping

As a home care worker, you will assist clients with their daily tasks to ensure they can continue to comfortably live within their own home. Rather than having to move into an aged care facility. 

What does it take to be a home care worker?

A good home care worker would have the following qualities: 

  • caring 
  • empathetic 
  • good time management
  • organised
  • good communication skills 
  • physically fit

In addition, you’re there to make your clients life a little easier by completing daily tasks they can no longer do on their own. You need to be caring, empathetic and encouraging. You also need to be organised and on time as clients will have schedules to run by for their medication and appointments. 

How to become a home care worker

To get a job as a home care worker, you will need to undertake some training. HITsa offer a Certificate III in three different specialisations, including; 

Completing any of the above courses would be a great step towards a career as a home care worker. However, the most suitable course would be a Certificate III in Individual Support (Home and Community). This course would provide you with the relevant skills and knowledge to work with the aged and disabled.

Are you interested in becoming a home care worker? 

Furthermore, working in home care can be both tough and rewarding. Your job is to improve the quality of your client’s life and support their well-being, lifestyle and independence. You get to form special bonds with the aged and disabled and provide that companionship they may not receive from anyone else. 

In addition, to get a job in home care we recommend completing a Certificate III in Individual Support (Home and Community). As well as completing a First Aid Course and obtaining a national police clearance. 

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