Work in a Gaming Room

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Working within hospitality can include bars, kitchens, restaurants and of course, gaming rooms. Most Hotels will have a gaming room consisting of pokies, with some also having TAB, Keno and Lotto. However, not all Hotels will have a gaming room. 

Working in a gaming room may mean that you are required to work long, late hours. But, to be able to do this you need to have the right badges. When working behind a bar and serving alcohol you will be required to have your RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) certificate. Likewise, to work within a gaming room you need to have your RSG (Responsible Service of Gaming) certificate.

Gaming work can open plenty of doors to new working opportunities. As well as teach you new skills, traits and how to handle big responsibilities. But, how do you get yourself a job within a gaming room? And what does it take to become a gaming employee?

What is a gaming room?

A gaming room can be found in many different establishments, which can include; surf clubs, sporting clubs, hotels, cruise ships and casinos. Most commonly, hotels and sporting clubs will feature gaming machines, TAB machines, Keno and lottery. Whereas casinos will feature a lot more gaming machines, as well as poker, black jack, roulette and many other gambling games. 

Gaming training

To work within a gaming room, you must complete certain gaming training and courses first. Basic Gaming Training must be completed by all gaming employees within 3 months of commencing work. Whereas a gaming manager must complete both Basic Gaming Training and Advanced Gaming Training. The required training must be completed through an RTO (Registered Training Organisation) within 3 months of starting within that role.

Basic Gaming Training

Basic Gaming is a requirement for all gaming employees who have not previously undertaken gaming training. Completing the course will provide you with the necessary qualifications to work within a gaming room. Basic Gaming takes 3 days to complete and includes a mix of theory and practical study.

Furthermore, having your gaming badges will be beneficial when applying for hospitality jobs. You will be able to work throughout different areas of the hotel or club which will make you a more favourable potential employee.

Advanced Gaming Training

All gaming managers must complete Advanced Gaming Training within 3 months of commencing work within that role. This course will roughly take 5 hours to complete.

In addition, gaming employees must maintain their level of knowledge through repeat training every two years.

Duties of a gaming employee

As a gaming employee you may be responsible for completing tasks such as: 

  • paying out winnings
  • refilling hoppers and tiny-tellers
  • counting drop boxes at closure of gaming room
  • record winnings and payouts 
  • provide assistance to gamers where needed
  • review and record suspected problem gamblers
  • remove disruptive people from gaming area when needed

Land a job

Some hospitality jobs will often require you to be able to work throughout all areas of the venue. Therefore, it’s great to complete both your RSA and Basic Gaming prior to applying for jobs. This will make you a more favourable and flexible potential employee as you already hold the requirements needed.

Furthermore, working within a gaming room comes with many responsibilities. To work in a gaming room you need to complete Basic Gaming Training within 3 months of employment. Completing this course provides you with the badge you need to work within a gaming room and also trains you on how to operate gaming machines, handle problem gambling and more.

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Lastly, check out the Jobs Board if you’re looking for hospitality jobs or gaming jobs in Adelaide.