Why You Should Work in a Pub This Peak Hospitality Season

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Summer is just around the corner and the hospitality industry is desperate for staff. There are currently hundreds of job opportunities available in hospitality establishments across SA. If you are interested in working in a pub, now is your chance to get your foot in the door.

Working in a pub during the peak season can be great for many reasons. You meet new people every day, share the festive cheer with customers, and earn great money – especially if you work the public holidays. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

If you are interested in working in a pub, read on for some helpful tips to help you get a job.

What is the peak hospitality season?

The peak hospitality season stretches across November to March, when the weather is warmer, and people are out celebrating the festive season.

Each year the hospitality industry recruits new staff during this period, often these employees will be Uni students on break, international travellers or people looking for casual work.

All you may need is a can-do attitude and your RSA to get a job during the peak season.

The benefits of working in a pub

There is much more to working in a pub than pouring pints. The pub sector is filled with individuals who are creative, hardworking and have a passion for the industry.

Job opportunities range from bar staff, chefs, managers, waiters, and gaming attendants – the range of roles available is vast.

Pub work is exciting, fast-paced and no two days are the same. You get to form friendships with your colleagues, customers, and community, making it a social yet rewarding job.

Working in hospitality also offers the potential for career progression – if you work hard and want it.

Furthermore, whether you are wanting a casual job over Summer or looking to kickstart a long-term career – pub work could be for you!

How to secure a job for the peak season

The demand for staff over the peak hospitality season means that it could be as simple as walking into your local pub and asking for a job.

However, we highly recommend completing your RSA training first as it is a legal requirement if you want to serve, sell, or supply alcohol.

Responsible Service of Alcohol Training can be completed online or in-classroom through HITsa. The course is affordable, takes 1 day to complete, and successful completion will help you to get a job.

Interested in working the peak hospitality season?

There are many great reasons to work in a pub. You gain new skills, friends, flexibility, and have the opportunity for career progression.

Working in a pub can be for anyone – Uni students, people seeking casual employment or those interested in a long-term career.

Like previously mentioned, now is the time to get your foot in the door if you want to work in a pub!

Find an upcoming RSA course near you and enrol online today.

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