Job Ready Courses to get you… Job Ready!

Job Ready Courses

It can be difficult to get a job when you’re new to the workforce as employers often require you to have prior experience. Luckily, there are ways to get around this! Whether it’s your first time getting a job or you’re wanting to step into a new field of work. There is a range of Job Ready Courses that can help get you there. 

Job Ready Courses provide you with theory and practical training for a specific industry. Essentially teaching you the basic skills you need to get you’re foot in the door and kick start your career.

What does ‘Job Ready’ mean?

Job ready means exactly that. It’s having the skills and capabilities so you can step into a job with little or no experience. 

In addition, the meaning of job ready will differ between employers and industries. Some employers see job readiness as previous experience, while others look for certifications. A great way to have both is to complete a Job Ready Course. Although Job Ready Courses don’t provide you with the real work-life experience, they do provide you with hands-on training and a certificate at the end. Exactly what employers look for! 

Why should I complete a Job Ready Course?

If you want to get your foot in the door, make your resume look good and gain some extra skills and knowledge to help prepare yourself – a Job Ready Course is for you. 

Short courses such as Job Ready Courses are affordable and usually only take 1 – 3 days to complete. Depending on the course you choose that is.  

What type of Job Ready Courses are available?

Job Ready Courses are available for a range of industries, with some being universal across multiple.

Here are some of the Adelaide courses that HITsa offer: 

There is also a range of other Job Ready Courses available for those wanting to enter the workforce or expand their skill set.

Want to kickstart your career?

Furthermore, Job Ready Courses are great for both job seekers and those already in the workforce wanting to expand their skill set. These short courses are affordable, only take 1 -3 days to complete and are a great way to kickstart a career.

If you’re wanting to get Job Ready, check out HITsa’s Adelaide courses online. Or alternatively, call the friendly team on 8375 2800 and enquire today!