Cookery Qualification not delivered through online method

As we have entered into the age of technology, learning and training has become more accessible using online platforms.

Although there are benefits to this where not all learners are available to physically be in a classroom base, whether its you’re a full time worker, may have health circumstances that doesn’t allow you from being outside of home or if you are a stay home parent- online learning is available and can be flexible to fit all.

HITsa offers such options for learners. Responsible service of Alcohol and Liquor Licensing Laws is available right now.

On the contrary, qualifications such as the Cookery Certificate II & III can only be delivered on site. Why do you ask? Although there are units that are theory majority of the training is practical learning and requires you in a commercial kitchen. It just simply isn’t feasible to apply units such as Prepare dishes using basic methods of cookery or Prepare stocks sauces and soups online as trainers and accessors are required to be present to observe your skills and the final product.

Many more benefits of being in a physical class room/kitchen includes giving learners the opportunity work with other peers and bond with trainers. This will help learners develop an in depth understanding of industry standards and expectations which will help them further in their already careers.

The best part is sampling the food you prepared and cooked and sharing this experience with your trainer and peers.