Adelaide Short Courses

What is a short course? A short course is a course that doesn’t take long to complete! Short courses are a great way to gain the relevant skills needed for a new career path quickly. They’re also a great way to upskill – if there’s short courses relevant/available for the industry you work in. How […]

Adelaide Training Locations | Aged Care Course | Leadership training

Are you looking for courses in Adelaide, Salisbury? Look no further than HITsa! We are so excited to announce that our new Adelaide training location in Salisbury will be launching on Monday 29th March.  We will be delivering a range of courses from industries including health, hospitality, business, and retail from our new building on […]

Aged Care Worker | Support Worker | Aged Care

Working in aged care means having a career with potential job growth and endless opportunities. According to seek, the aged care industry will have a 25.4% projected job growth within the next 5 years. And in addition to this, the aged care industry will never go bust. There will always be people requiring care within […]

Cookery | Chefs | Become a Chef | Chef Salary

Are you interested in pursuing a career in cookery? There are many different types of chef roles, each with specific responsibilities. Learning about the different types of chefs, their salaries and what they do can help you decide what career path you want to take. In this blog we’ve explored the different opportunities you have […]

Jobs for School Leavers | HITsa training

Whether you’re planning to go to Uni and need some extra cash while on break, or you’re going feet first into the workforce. Here’s some great jobs for school leavers!  Bar Attendant Since school generally ends at the start of the peak hospitality season, there are more bar attendant jobs available. Bar attendants can work […]

Business Administration Jobs | Business Admin Jobs | Admin Jobs

Thinking about looking for a business administration job? Working in an admin job can open the door to many opportunities. Especially if you’re new to the work force! You can start from the bottom and slowly (or rapidly) work your way up the corporate ladder. Not to mention, most businesses require people to work admin […]

Chef Apprenticeship | Apprentice Chef

Interested in starting a career as a commercial chef? While you might have thought you need to study to be able to get a job, this isn’t exactly the case. Have you considered completing a chef apprenticeship? Apprenticeships are a great way to study and gain real-life work experience at the same time. Not only […]

Training Courses Salisbury

Are you looking for training courses in Salisbury? Look no further than HITsa! We’re so excited to announce that we have opened a new temporary training location in Salisbury. The new training location at 36 Ann Street will be a temporary base until the long-term building in John Street is ready for HITsa to move […]

Disability Support Worker

Want to get a job where you can make a difference in someone’s life? Why not consider working in the disability sector as a support worker.  Working in disability care gives you the opportunity to make a real difference in someone’s life. It’s more than just a job, it’s a way to help the aged […]

How to get a job in Hospitality | hospitality jobs

Wondering how to get a job in hospitality? Summer will be here before we know it which means venues will soon be looking to hire Summer casuals. We know… it’s still Winter (sad face) but it’s best to prepare early so that you’re ready to apply for jobs as soon as they become available. Hospitality […]

Home Care Worker | Aged Care | Certificate III in Individual Support

Are you interested in working in aged or disability care? There is always a high demand for carers including home care workers, disability care workers and aged care workers. It shouldn’t be hard to find a job within these sectors if you have the right qualifications.  Your tasks as a carer will differ depending on […]

Career Change

It’s been an unusual and tough start to the year of 2020. You might have lost your job, been stood-down or had an extended ‘holiday’ due to COVID-19. During this time, you may have been left thinking about your lifestyle, job and what career path you actually want to take. Many of us have been […]

The Importance of Infection Control Training | COVID Clean Training

Good hygiene has always been important, however over these past months it has become more apparent than ever. Knowing how to prevent the spread of germs and infection is a vital skill to have. In particular, infection prevention skills are crucial for those working in customer-facing roles. Which include; hospitality, aged care and disability, tourism, […]

Hospitality Career | Hospitality Jobs

Working in the hospitality industry can be great for many reasons. If you’re new to the workforce or looking for something different, a hospitality job can be a great way to kick start a long term career. Positions in hospitality range from entry level, full time to management. Often people just see hospitality as working […]

job pathways | apprenticeship | traineeship | pre apprenticeship

Getting into your dream job may seem difficult, however, there are plenty of job pathways you can take to get there. From pre apprenticeships, traineeships and apprenticeships. Depending on what industry you want to get into, there will more than likely be some sort of pathway to help get you there.  In addition, apprenticeships and […]

Jobs for Uni Students | Bar Work | Barista Jobs

So, you’re a Uni Student and need to support yourself financially whilst studying? Juggling work-life and study can sometimes be difficult. But finding a job that lets you juggle the both can be even more difficult – if you make it.  As a Uni Student, your weekdays are probably filled with study and attending classes. […]

disability carer | disability support worker

Working as a disability support carer is one of the most rewarding things a person can do. As a disability carer, you are able to make a positive difference in someone’s life and assist them with everyday tasks. As well as help them live their best lives and achieve their goals.

RSA Training | RSA Course | RSA Certificate

Are you interested in working at a venue that sells or serves alcohol? Whether you’re planning on working in a pub, sporting club, cocktail bar or elsewhere – RSA training is mandatory. An RSA course will cover a range of topics including the service of alcohol and your responsibilities. As well as laws and legislation’s surrounding alcohol and […]

Aged Care Home - Home Care Worker

When choosing the career path of a carer you have many workplace options to choose from. Would you prefer working in an Aged Care Home, Home Care or Community Care? These workplaces/roles are all very similar but can also differ greatly. The hours, pay and work environments will or may be different. Working as a […]

how to write a resume resume writing how to write a cv

Trying to find work and applying for jobs all starts from your resume or CV. Meaning your first point of interest from your potential employer would be both of these things. Or maybe even your cover letter, depending on what is required for your application.  But, if you’re new to the workforce you may not […]

gaming room hospitality jobs hospitality work

Working within hospitality can include bars, kitchens, restaurants and of course, gaming rooms. Most Hotels will have a gaming room consisting of pokies, with some also having TAB, Keno and Lotto. However, not all Hotels will have a gaming room.  Working in a gaming room may mean that you are required to work long, late […]

Cleaning jobs

Cleaning jobs… a job that most people don’t think is important. However, most businesses wouldn’t be able to run without having a cleaner. Hygiene and cleanliness are highly important in pretty much every business. And without cleaners, these standards would not be met. Working as a cleaner is often seen as an easy job, something […]

First Aid Traning

So, you’re currently job hunting and you’ve noticed some job ads require you to have completed First Aid training. Completing a First Aid course can be a great thing to do, however it isn’t essential for all jobs. Some people may choose to undertake First Aid training because they want to be prepared in times […]

How to make cocktails

Cocktails… a ‘fancy’ alcoholic beverage that most people enjoy to drink, but not so much make. Drinking cocktails is easy enough to do, however making them is a different story. It can be a very slow process if you’ve never made a cocktail before. One shot, two shot, ice… what’s next? If you love drinking […]

Hotel Jobs

Working in hospitality, hotels specifically, can lead to big things. People often think of hotel jobs as that side job uni students do, or “you just work in a pub?”. However, working within a hotel can come with many benefits. You may start off as just a glassy or even a cleaner, but, take a […]

interview tips

Congratulations! Your resume has caught your employers eye and they now want to meet you in person. You’re now one step closer to your dream job! So what now? It’s time to prepare yourself and make sure you’re ready to ace this interview. Job interviews can be nerve racking and you might think you know […]

Good Leader
How to become a chef

Becoming a Chef may seem like an easy choice of career path. However, chef requirements can be demanding and may not be what you expect. Taking part in a Commercial Cookery course will assist you in becoming a chef and landing your first job within the industry. However, to hold a trades based profession as […]

Trainee Jobs
Aged Care Worker

Working in Aged Care may seem like an easy choice of career path. However, caring for the elderly can be challenging physically and mentally, and it requires more than you’d think. Taking part in an Aged Care course will assist you in becoming a carer and landing your first job within the Aged Care industry. […]

Barista Training - Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee

Brewing a Barista coffee may seem like a simple task. However, there is more involved in making the perfect cup of Barista coffee than you would think. Taking a Barista Course will assist you in becoming a Barista and landing a Barista job. There are barista espresso machines to operate, different coffee styles to memorise […]

HITsa launched Certificate 3 in Commercial Cookery last month and welcomed 30 apprentice chefs into the program. These chefs-in-training are at different stages of their four year apprenticeships with a number transferring from TAFE and others being new to the industry and just starting their off-the-job training. The Certificate 3 in Commercial Cookery qualification provides […]

Congratulations to all students who have finished their SACE Stage 2 this year. We do hope that you have completed this important qualification with a true sense of achievement and pride. SACE is a valuable qualification We love the holistic approach to learning embedded in this SACE description from the SACE website – The South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) is […]


Is a traineeship for you? As the 2017 school year winds up, Year 12 high school students are seriously thinking about their “what next”?  Many know what they will be doing  in 2018 whilst others are less certain.  University is a common “next step” but it’s not for everyone.  Further, not everybody wants to go to Uni straight from high school.  It is becoming much more common for students to […]

Adelaide weather is warming up and summer is well and truly on its way.  Along with these longer days and summer sun comes many new seasonal hospitality jobs in Adelaide. Adelaide hotels, cafes, bars and restaurants are taking plenty of bookings for November and December festivities.  Consequently these businesses are looking for extra staff which can also mean new job opportunities for you. Naturally, employers tend to prefer experienced […]

Technology allows us to share knowledge and experience without limit. You can reach out for knowledge held anywhere in the world. Through online learning, you can take a course or learn a new skill without ever setting foot into a traditional classroom.  So now its common place to choose from either classroom or online learning options.  Which one will you choose? Online […]