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COVID Clean Training | Get COVID ready

As restrictions begin to ease, it may be time to think about equipping your team with the appropriate skills to keep yourself and others safe.

As a business, you need to continue to take the right steps to protect yourself and others. To stop the spread, keep your doors open, and stay COVID safe.

Those who work in a people facing industry such as retail, hospitality and health care settings are at greater risk of exposure.

A great way to keep your business and customers safe is to complete COVID Clean Training.

This training will provide your staff with the skills and knowledge to maintain good hygiene and a clean workplace – keeping COVID safe.

Interested in equipping your team with COVID clean skills? Read on for more information about the training.

What is COVID Clean Training?

COVID Clean Training is a 2-day course that is funded by the State Government for eligible participants.

Participants will learn a range of skills, including hand hygiene practices, effective surface cleaning, use of personal protective equipment (PPE), disposal of contaminated waste, among other skills.

Completing this course will help reduce the risk of COVID infections in the workplace and boost your confidence as restrictions ease.

Why is this training important for people-facing industries?

COVID has affected every sector, however hospitality, retail and health care have been affected significantly.

People who work in these industries face a heightened risk of exposure to COVID-19. Hospitality and retail are often where travellers/tourists frequent to. Whereas those working in aged care facilities or providing at home community or disability services work closely with vulnerable people.

Due to this, staff will come into contact with an extensive amount of people each day which puts them at risk of infection.

Keep your industry safe

While all industries are at risk and need to take precautions, this is even more important for retail and hospitality.

Some precautions you can take as a business are:

  • Equip yourself and staff with COVID Clean Training skills
  • Provide access to gloves, masks, and hand sanitiser
  • Maintain social distance

Want your team to be COVID ready?

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