HITsa is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

Since 2006, HITsa has been delivering training and preparing students for employment across various industries

As a leading registered training organisation, we offer nationally recognised courses and bespoke employment solutions tailored to meet the needs of job seekers, apprentices, trainees, and employers alike.
We pride ourselves on fostering strong partnerships with job service providers, employers, and community group to deliver targeted pre-employment, upskilling and recruitment projects that drive real employment outcomes.

Why Choose HITsa?
  • Passionate team: We love what we do and are committed to empowering students through practical, high-quality training;
  • Industry relevance: our courses are designed in collaboration with industry partners to ensure relevance and job readiness;
  • Flexible solutions: tailored programs for specific cohorts and flexible delivery to accommodate student and employer needs;
  • Job connections: strong relationships with employers facilitate job opportunities for our graduates