Top Jobs for School Leavers

Jobs for School Leavers | HITsa training

Whether you’re planning to go to Uni and need some extra cash while on break, or you’re going feet first into the workforce. Here’s some great jobs for school leavers! 

Bar Attendant

Since school generally ends at the start of the peak hospitality season, there are more bar attendant jobs available. Bar attendants can work in a range of venues from pubs, clubs, cocktail bars to cruise ships. If you enjoy customer service and meeting new people each day, this could be the school leaver job for! 

However, to work in a bar you need to be 18 and have your RSA certificate. You can undertake RSA training and gain your ticket through HITsa – it only takes 1 day to complete. 


Another great customer service job for school leavers is a barista. Good baristas are well sought after as many people rely on quality barista made coffee to start their day. So, if you don’t mind being up early and interacting with customers all day, give it a try! 

If you need help getting your foot in the door, complete a Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee course through HITsa. This course will provide you with the skills to use a commercial espresso machine and make great tasting coffee.

Gaming Attendant

If you want to work in a hospitality venue but not interested in working in a busy bar or restaurant, a gaming attendant could be the ideal job for you. Working in a gaming room gives you the opportunity to interact with regular customers and new faces every day. Similar to a bar attendant, but in the gaming room instead. 

Furthermore, to work in a gaming room you will need to complete your Basic Gaming Training. This course takes 3 days to complete and provides you with the skills to work in a gaming room.

This is only a suitable school leaver job if you’re 18+. 

Time to get a job

These are only few of many school leaver job opportunities. Whether you’re looking to start a long term career or needing some extra cash between studying. Any of these options are suitable for both! 

HITsa have a range of short courses to help you get your foot in the door, as well as a great range of certificate 3 and 4 qualification options. View our courses online today.

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