How to Become an Aged Care Worker

Aged Care Worker

Working in Aged Care may seem like an easy choice of career path. However, caring for the elderly can be challenging physically and mentally, and it requires more than you’d think. Taking part in an Aged Care course will assist you in becoming a carer and landing your first job within the Aged Care industry. Although, there are many Aged Care worker duties and responsibilities to learn before landing your first job. You will need to learn how to monitor medication, transport the elderly and disabled correctly, personal hygiene and maintaining records. As well as helping clients communicate and much more.

Additionally, as the population of elderly people grow, the need for individual support is rising. With this there is also a rise in Aged Care worker jobs, but these jobs require certain skills and knowledge. Here is some information, tips and tricks to guide you through becoming an Aged Care worker.

What is an Aged Care Worker?

An Aged Care worker is someone who provides physical and emotional support to the elderly or disabled. They will assist clients with daily tasks such as; personal care, performing household tasks, monitoring medication, transporting to and from appointments and providing companionship. The tasks required in providing individual support will differ depending on the clients level of care needed. Additionally, Aged Care worker jobs include assisting clients in their own homes or within an Aged Care facility.

Aged Care Course

To become an Aged Care worker it is best you complete a certificate in Aged Care first. An Aged Care course (Certificate 3 in Individual Support) will teach you many important things regarding Aged Care. Such as; how to provide individual support, recognise healthy body systems, facilitate the empowerment of older people, work with diverse people and support independence and well-being. When seeking employment within Aged Care you will also need to provide a National Police Clearance. Furthermore, HITsa training and employment offer a subsidised Aged Care course in Adelaide that is government funded through WorkReady for eligible participants.

Land your first Aged Care Job

To land your first Aged Care job, you need to know what the employer is looking for. Most employers will require you to submit a cover letter, resume and proof of Aged Care training. While some may require you to have a minimum amount of prior experience within the industry. Employers will also look to hire depending on the needs of the client and whether they require care from home or within an Aged Care facility. In other instances, the employer may simply be looking for some of the following qualities in their carer.


Often you will be providing individual support to people with limited capabilities, therefore patience is a key quality when working in Aged Care. Elderly people tend to move and speak slower, you will need to be patient and listen attentively.

Being a good listener

When working in Aged Care, it’s important that you are able to listen and hold a conversation with your clients. Your clients will often want to talk to you and tell you stories as you may be the only person that they will see all day. Listening to your client is a simple task that can instantly brighten their day, especially the elderly.


Everyone deserves respect, but in particular the elderly do. You need to be able to understand what the client may have been through or is currently going through. As an Aged Carer you will need to be respectful, understanding and support your client. Furthermore, having respect for the elderly will be a key quality in becoming an excellent Aged Care worker.


To be successful within Aged Care you will need to be caring. Elderly people will often struggle with depression, loss of loved ones and deteriorating health. This will often lead to feeling lonely and isolated. Therefore, you need to be understanding and show empathy. This could simply be by asking them about their life, talking to them and listening to them. Showing your client that you care can make them feel happy and secure. Along with making them feel like they are being cared for properly.


Elderly people who require individual support rely on their carers for a range of tasks. Clients will rely on the assistance from their carer and some tasks may be crucial to be completed on time. Therefore Aged care worker duties and responsibilities require you to be punctual at all times.

Kick start your Career in Aged Care

Completing an Aged Care course and obtaining an Aged Care certificate is a great step towards a career within Aged Care. Completing an Aged Care Course will also open job opportunities within the following fields; enrolled nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, chefs, kitchen hands and cleaners. By completing an Aged Care Course you are creating a pathway for a long term career.

Furthermore, Aged Care worker duties and responsibilities involve a range of tasks. To become an Aged Care worker you will need to complete Aged Care training or ultimately, an Aged Care Course. Completing an Aged Care Course will teach you a range of skill sets that are required when working in Aged Care. Along with this it will also provide you with an Aged Care certificate that will look better on your resume and enhance your chances of landing a job. Try this Aged Care course in Adelaide through HITsa Training and Employment. Lastly, remember the key qualities in becoming an excellent carer are; patience, respect, caring, punctuality and being a good listener.