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SIR30216 Certificate III in Retail – Take 2!

A second group of students recently completed the SIR30216 Certificate III in Retail at HITsa Salisbury. Read what the students had to say about their experience whilst training @HITsa:

I really enjoyed Cert III in retail, trust me it’s really fun and enjoyable to engage with different people that you don’t know, out in the real world you work with different cultures, different people, so HITsa helped me a lot throughout the retail course.’

Siovhan H

I liked the coffee part and how I got experience and finally passed with flying colours.’

Alex P

‘I just finished a Cert III in retail. It was a really fun course, it pulled me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to make new friends. I enjoyed how the course was scheduled and how friendly the trainers and staff are.’

Dylan G

Lundi’s Career Journey

I’m Lundi, some of you may recognise me as being your coordinator throughout your training with HITsa. 

I’d like to share with you my story. 

2008 I was a young individual with no direction in life. During that period my provider had suggested I participated in a Cert II in Hopitality qualification through HITsa where I would gain new skills and knowledge. This is where I found my love for the industry. I had gained employment after completing the qualification and had continued in the industry for 12 years. 

cartoon person says hi

2019 something unpredictable occurred worldwide. Covid… by 2020 this impacted the world and the Hospitality industry severely and as a blessing in disguise I had made a decision about a year after that this was the time to leave the industry. I was fortunate enough to take on a traineeship  in a Certificate III in Business Administration that was offered by management of the company I was working for. The company owned a storage facility and this is where I learnt my administrative skills. It was a pleasant transition of lifestyle from working shift work for so many years to a 9-5 job. I quite enjoyed it and found a good work life balance from it. 

I had completed my traineeship in Business Administration shortly and management had offered me another role. At this point I was unsure whether continuing on with an administration role was suited to me. After some thought I decided that I shouldn’t miss any opportunities and went for the role. This role was a coordinator at HITsa. My company owns HITsa aswell. As you have read by now, I’ve done a full cycle in my life. I was once a student training at HITsa and now I’m an employee at HITsa. That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped my training with HITsa. 2022 I commenced another qualification with HITsa, Certificate IV in Leadership and Management which I completed very recently. This was a challenging however a very informative qualification and no doubt I had gained new knowledge that will support me throughout my current role and all my future endeavours. 

I’m a believer that great opportunities don’t come everyday — recognise and seize them with every chance you get! 

Thanks for reading!

Trainer making coffee

Intro to Coffee with Indie High School

HITsa recently hosted a one-day event that got students buzzing with excitement – Indie High School’s Introduction to Coffee Skill Set. For a brief but intense period, students got a crash course in all things coffee, from brewing basics to understanding the buzz behind the bean.

The event wasn’t your typical day at school. It was hands-on, with students rolling up their sleeves and diving right into the world of coffee. Under the guidance of our seasoned barista trainer Lizzy pictured making her magic, they learned the ins and outs of making the perfect cup, from grinding beans to frothing milk. See pics below of students at the machines.

By the end of the day, students left with a newfound appreciation for coffee and the skills to back it up. We look to keep building this relationship with Indie High School and continue to offer our service to future students. 

SACE points for School Students

Would your school like to know more about this hands-on course and others to assist students in gaining points towards their SACE? HITsa have experience in providing tailor-made courses to many schools to engage Vocational Education Pathways. Push the button to ask your questions…

Careers and Employment Expo @ Adelaide Showgrounds

Held annually in May, the Adelaide Showgrounds once again buzzed with excitement as it hosted this free event. As part of a series run across Australia it attracted a diverse crowd of students, parents, graduates, job seekers, and career changers all eager to gather information and advice on their future career paths.

Participating in expos and career days is crucial for HITsa – these events help us stay abreast of industry trends, ensuring that the training we provide remains relevant and up-to-date. Engaging with employers who are the true experts in their fields allows us to develop the most effective training resources for our students. These interactions also enable us to explore various industry pathways, assisting us in recommending the best training courses for prospective students.

The expo provided a fantastic opportunity to connect with a variety of employers and service providers. It was an ideal platform for introducing HITsa Training and Employment to a wider audience and networking with industry peers. The representation across fields such as aged care, disability services, childcare, hospitality and retail was exceptional.

Involvement in community expos offer invaluable opportunities to meet potential students face-to-face. Direct interaction at these events is the best way to connect with and support future students, helping them navigate their educational and career journeys.

pictured grounds at Expo Showgrounds Jun 24

Visit HITsa at these upcoming expos

Parafield Gardens High School Careers Expo 11.6.24

Kilburn Community Expo 13.6.24

Thomas More College Careers Forum 25.6.24

Endeavour College Creating Careers Day 27.6.24

HITsa is proud to partner with

Entrée Early Years Recruitment

We’re very excited to have connected with Entrée Early Years Recruitment, a specialist division of Hender Group who offer recruitment and staffing solutions to early childhood businesses like Early Learning and Childcare Centres, Long Day Care Services, OSHC and Vacation Care Providers.

Our collaboration goals are to share expert knowledge and experience to enhance the opportunities available to our shared communities of learners, businesses and trainers.  Entrée Early Years Recruitment has a wealth of useful information and resources for job seekers and existing workers on their website.  It’s definitely worth a look! 

Entrée Early Years Recruitment will be at our Mt Barker Caring Careers Morning event on 26 June, keen to meet those interested in pursuing employment in the Childcare industry.  This event will be a wonderful opportunity If you, or anybody you know, have questions on how to progress your career.

Entree early years recruitment logo