HITsa Training and Employment – Policy and Procedure

Affirmative Action

No:                  HITP0014/11
Issued:             09.01.2006
Reviewed:       10.01.2022


To ensure that personnel practices are fair and equitable and do not discriminate against any group or individual.

Areas affected:  

HITsa Training and Employment staff and sites


One of the major objectives of HITsa is to follow both the spirit and the letter of the law and to maintain a reputation for high standards of business. Creative, enthusiastic students are our most important resource and the basis for our success. We seek an environment characterised by respect for every individual where cultural and ethnic diversity are blended by teamwork into a harmonious work force.



Equal opportunity is adopted to ensure the rights and dignity of all.  All personnel actions, including recruitment, selection, training, compensation, corrective counselling, promotions, transfers, staff reductions and termination shall be based upon individual initiative, interests, ability and performance results.

All persons shall enjoy the benefits of decisions which are free of harassment, bullying or discrimination on the grounds of race, religious creed, colour, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental handicap, medical condition, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender status or age.

For known limitations of students or employees with disabilities, reasonable accommodation will be provided, except where the accommodation would impose an undue hardship on operation of the business.

We will work cooperatively with governmental agencies, educational institutions and community action groups concerned with training opportunities for women, minorities, handicapped and veterans, as well as with suppliers in sustaining and perpetuating equal employment opportunities.


The Executive Officer, has day to day responsibility for equal opportunity and with the support of the Directors, is responsible for implementation of Affirmative Action.

All members of the Board of Directors, management and staff are responsible for maintaining a discrimination-free work environment by inspirational leadership and person example.

Employees and students are encouraged to seek assistance from management to assure that problems are prevented or promptly resolved, preserving a productive environment.

Dissemination of Policy

This document will be included in our enrolment process and will be accessible through our website.


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