HITsa Training and Employment – Policy and Procedure

Fees – Refund / Deferment

No:                  HITP0028/9

Issued:             09.01.2006

Reviewed:       15.03.2019


HITsa Training and Employment (HITsa) is required to document how refunds will be determined and that they are fair and equitable and that the timeframe for payment is reasonable.

Areas affected:

HITsa Training and Employment staff and sites.


HITsa will charge a fee for all training conducted This fee may be paid by either the student, employer or a third party.  Fees must be paid in full on the first day of attendance unless a qualification course, and in this instance a fee payment plan must have been agreed upon, documented and signed off by both parties.

A copy of this policy is available on the HITsa website and is given to all enrolling students to ensure they have a clear understanding of all charges and the process.

Should a student withdraw from any course that they are enrolled to attend they need to notify HITsa in writing or by email.   

Refunds will not be granted automatically.

Please choose your course carefully. HITsa does not provide refunds. HITsa is not responsible for changes in personal circumstances or work commitments.

All refunds will be processed within 14 days of receipt of written notification.  Once this is received the following will apply.

Full Refund – A full refund of paid fees will apply where
  • a class/course is cancelled by HITsa
  • a student accepts an offer in a higher-level course with HITsa
  • a student withdraws giving HITsa 7 days-notice but, this notice must be received prior to the commencement of the course
  • a student withdraws prior to the commencement of a course with evidence from a Medical Practitioner certifying that they are unfit to commence as the condition will render you incapacitated for an extended period
Partial Refund – A partial refund of paid fees will apply where
  • a student withdraws once the course has commenced, this will be a pro rata refund calculated using the formula [total hours less hours attended x hourly tuition cost = refund amount less resources received (such as books or manuals if not returned in good condition) plus a $50.00 administration fee
  • if the student has commenced training and missed more than 50% of the course, a partial refund can be given based on the pro rata refund or the fees can be carried over to the next scheduled course and the student can repeat the missing component of training to complete the course
No refund – No refund of paid fees will apply where
  • a student fails to complete the course or attend scheduled training without notifying HITsa prior to the commencement of the training course or on the day of absence
  • a student fails to complete the course or attend scheduled training and is uncontactable
  • If a student is formally withdrawn from a course due to unacceptable behaviour
  • if a student pays a deposit and then does not attend the training or notify HITsa prior to the commencement of training the deposit is forfeited
  • should a student be accepted into a course and wish to defer from study, they have up until a 12-month period to recommence study and complete the training from the time of deferment.  If the student does not re-engage then payment will be forfeited, and no refund will be available
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