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Apprentice Chefs join HITsa

HITsa launched Certificate 3 in Commercial Cookery last month and welcomed 30 apprentice chefs into the program. These chefs-in-training are at different stages of their four year apprenticeships with a number transferring from TAFE and others being new to the industry and just starting their off-the-job training. The Certificate 3 in Commercial Cookery qualification provides […]

Congratulations 2017 SACE Students!

Congratulations to all students who have finished their SACE Stage 2 this year. We do hope that you have completed this important qualification with a true sense of achievement and pride. SACE is a valuable qualification We love the holistic approach to learning embedded in this SACE description from the SACE website – The South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) is […]


Is a Business Traineeship for You?

Is a traineeship for you? As the 2017 school year winds up, Year 12 high school students are seriously thinking about their “what next”?  Many know what they will be doing  in 2018 whilst others are less certain.  University is a common “next step” but it’s not for everyone.  Further, not everybody wants to go to Uni straight from high school.  It is becoming much more common for students to […]

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Hospitality Jobs in Adelaide

Adelaide weather is warming up and summer is well and truly on its way.  Along with these longer days and summer sun comes many new seasonal hospitality jobs in Adelaide. Adelaide hotels, cafes, bars and restaurants are taking plenty of bookings for November and December festivities.  Consequently these businesses are looking for extra staff which can also mean new job opportunities for you. Naturally, employers tend to prefer experienced […]

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Classroom or Online Learning?

Technology allows us to share knowledge and experience without limit. You can reach out for knowledge held anywhere in the world. Through online learning, you can take a course or learn a new skill without ever setting foot into a traditional classroom.  So now its common place to choose from either classroom or online learning options.  Which one will you choose? Online […]